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About us

Founded in 2010, InnovaPharm in aims at acting in a modern, innovative way in the global pharmaceutical market, innovating with both highly safe and effective products and an efficient approach – much lighter and more modern, with a pioneering attitude, which has been considered of little relevance to companies operating in the pharmaceutical segment so far.

The training and experience of the founders and employees InnovaPharm  allowed for the achievement and establishment of several strategic partnerships with internationally recognized pharmaceutical companies, enabling the launch of products and services to market, with full scientific support and the latest technology available.

Our main goal is to offer and provide the best products, developed and manufactured with advanced technology, offering the best results with maximum safety and quality to all our customers, distributors, physicians, health care professionals, and patients.

Our Mission

InnovaPharm offer innovative products and services, with proven quality and safety. To meet all the expectations and needs of our customers, suppliers and institutions, and always act with ethics, transparency and respect for laws, market rules and regulatory standards.

Our vision of future

Through ethical, sustainable attitudes, we seek recognition as a world class pharmaceutical company with innovative actions and activities. We aim at disclosing our continuous search for excellence and concern in generating benefits and superior results for our clients, physicians, patients, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

A bit of our philosophy and strategic thinking

The history of InnovaPharm  started with the attitude of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, who intended to change a heavy, slow, and outdated form of action, with limited vision of the future, and a reduced ability to meet all market requirements – industry, distributors, physicians, clients (public and private markets), and employees – for a lighter, non-bureaucratic, and efficient way.

The search and commitment of these professionals were crucial for the emergence of InnovaPharm and its innovative activities in the pharmaceutical market, which are performed in a lighter, more versatile, skilled and humane way, seeing and meeting the needs of the market, customers and employees as a whole – which happens through innovative and highly advantageous solutions.

This way of working makes the company effective and assertive, generating numerous benefits, ranging from reducing costs throughout its structure, production and imports, to the best use of its capacity and logistics, bringing benefits to the company and, consequently, its suppliers and customers. This has allowed for the provision of modern products, with quality and efficacy, which act more quickly and efficiently, at lower costs.

Our main values

To keep forming strong partnerships

with medical training centers, health care institutions, medical corporations, and associations of patients, in addition to strengthening existing partnerships

Quality, transparency and fellowship

in our relationships with employees, business partners and government agencies;

To constantly seek leadership and innovation

To value credibility and honesty

To maintain humane relationships

with our professionals and the community

Commitment and search for new trends

in science, innovative products and solutions which may bring more benefits and better quality of life for patients who use our products and services

Proud to be part of Innovapharm

Practice areas

INNOVAPHARM operates in the pharmaceutical market, offering cutting-edge products in the following segments



Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Prescription Drugs

cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, oncology, and biotechnology

Generic Drugs

cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, oncology, and biotechnology